Charlotte is currently based at practices in North/East London and Essex

All patients can book an appointment with Charlotte directly through the practice. Location details and appointment rules can be seen below.

If you would like more information, please fill in the contact form below, Charlotte services are limited at some of the locations so please email if you have a specific request.

To book an appointment at any of the practices below please call any of the practices direct and ask the reception team to book you in with Charlotte

    1. Min 50% deposit is required when booking appointments
    1. If you give less than 24hours notice to cancel then you lose your deposit
    1. If you do not attend your appointment you will lose your deposit
    1. Due to Covid there are no waiting rooms so arrive on time and not early to your appt
    1. If you are running late please call and let reception know. Lateness 10mins + could result in you losing your appt & deposit
    1. If you are unsure what to book please email/DM or see  for more info on what appointments are available and what to book
    1. All patients must follow the practice booking and appointment policies and any COVID 19 restrictions that may be in place currently.
    1. During the COVID 19 pandemic there are strict rules in place to ensure the safety of staff and patients. no plus ones, arrive on time, wear a face mask on-site, AND DO NOT attend your appointment if you have any of the COVID 19 symptoms.
    1. Zero Tolerance to any abusive or rude behaviour to any member of my teams
    1. Some patients will require more than one session which will be discussed at the beginning of appt if needed.

Our Dental Services


Brushing your teeth and gums is extremely important. You should brush your teeth at-least twice a day for 2-3 minutes.

Using floss or interdental brushes (depending on how big your gaps are) is also really important.
The aim every time you brush is to remove the soft build up on your teeth as efficiently as possible

“Only brush the teeth you want to keep”

Children’s Dental Hygiene

All children deserves the best effort, time and care to teach them how to grow up with the best oral hygiene habits. Oral health starts at a young age and regular Visit helps climitise young children to the dental practice envitikernt helping them be more confident as they grow up abs more accepting to advise and treatment in the dental practice e environment


Charlotte recommends all of her patients are registered with a dentist of their choice and have regular dental check ups.

Often people only see her dentist when they have a problem, but with regular check ups you can normally prevent any problems leading to better oral health at all times.


Whitening has become very popular in the UK.

Charlotte is passionate In ensuring patients are having the whitening treatments they desire in a safe and monitored environment.

Tooth whitening should only be carried out by qualified abs registers dental professionals. Dentists and dental professional work together to ensure safe tooth whitening procedures.


Looking after your implants is just as important as looking after your natural teeth. It is encouraged that patients who have invested in dental implants ensure they take good care of their implants. Charlotte has experience in oral hygiene advice for implants.


For patients who need cleaning whilst on their orthodontic journey Charlotte has simple techniques to ensure a comfortable clean for patients with braces

Advice and Assessment

Personal advice for each individual at every appointment. Ensuring every patient has the knowledge to take care of their mouth at home.

Screening and monitoring gum disease, oral cancer screening and motivational education on adaptable home care for all patients

Gum care and Treatments

Providing hygiene treatments to help patients prevent and/or stabilise any gum diseases using the latest guidance and technology.

From basic cleans to more in depth deeper cleans. this can be provided with or without Local Anesthetic’s. Charlotte works alongside dentists to provide detailed treatment plans for patients healthy gums and patients with all levels of gum disease.

Founded in 2018 by Charlotte Benson, TFC Dental services offers a wide range of dental hygiene services ranging from cleans, gum treatments and whitening to referrals and advice.

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