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At TFC we pride ourselves on patient focused holistic treatments at affordable prices. Offering preventative and pain free treatments using the latest technology in dentistry.

Please note the prices below are a rough guide to help patients make an informed decision on their dental care. Services are subject to change dependent on treatment planning after face to face consultation with Charlotte



Original scale & polish
(£85 for NEW PATIENTS) For someone who is looking after their teeth, has minimal staining and wants a professional clean. Appointment will include:
  • Ultrasonic clean and polish
  • Oral hygiene
  • Diet advice
Dynamic clean
For someone who has stained teeth, a tartar/calculus build up and needs a complete cosmetic clean. Appointment includes:
  • Gum examination
  • Ultrasonic clean and Polish
  • Oral hygiene
  • Diet advice
Ultra dynamic clean
For someone with heavy staining and build up, complex concerns of gum disease. The appointment/s include:
  • Full gum examination
  • X-rays if needed
  • Ultrasonic clean and Polish
  • Detailed home care plan
  • Oral hygiene
  • Diet advice
£100 - 140
Guided biofilm therapy
This is for patients who would like to experience the GBT service where we highlight plaque with a special gel and remove the plaque using state of the air air polishing system
  • Book an appointment
£220 - 360
Non surgical periodontal treatment
For someone with unstable gum disease and in need of some complex deep gum treatment. Appointment/s will include:
  • Full gum assessment
  • X-rays
  • Bespoke home care plan and assessment
  • Treatment under local anaesthetic if required
  • Oral hygiene
  • Diet advice
Air polishing top up
Polish using the latest air polishing systems to remove stains for a whiter smile.
  • This can be added to any of the teeth cleaning services
Adult dental examination
Non-emergency dental needs limited to services within the expertise of a dental therapist. Whilst a dental therapist can carry out most dental treatments, we are unable to place crowns, bridges dentures and removed adult teeth or perform root canal treatment.
  • Patients requiring any of the above mentioned services will be referred to one of my experienced dental associate colleagues
£50 - 3000
Composite bonding
  • Price on consultation
  • ranges from £50 - 200 per tooth
  • SMILEFAST mini smile makeover prices ranging from £1500 - £3000
Philips home whitening
All whitening appointments are subject to the patient’s oral health assessment after a visit with the dentist. Home whitening includes:
  • Advice and instruction
  • A set of customised dental trays
  • Whitening syringes to be used at home
Enlighten whitening
All whitening appointments are subject to the patients oral health assessment after a visit with the dentist. Enlighten Evolution Whitening:
  • Guarantee Vita shade B1 for every patient
  • Long-lasting whitening results
  • Low sensitivity
  • Customised take home trays and in chair visit
£350 - 450
Icon Tooth Whitening
white spot lesion removal
  • 2 - 4 Teeth
Children’s dental examination
Friendly children dental examination and most treatments can be completed with charlotte as a dental therapist.
  • Book an appointment
£70 - 250
Basic white fillings
  • Book an appointment
£40 - 60
Children tooth removal
  • Book an appointment
£40 - 90
Children’s fillings
  • Book an appointment

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Charlotte aims to deliver a high level of treatment and care at affordable prices. She has had extensive dental treatment herself which makes it easier for Charlotte to ensure that patients feel comfortable and confident that their smile is being looked after in he dental chair and they can leave the chair with the information needed to improve their oral health at home.


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Founded in 2018 by Charlotte Benson, TFC Dental services offers a wide range of dental hygiene services ranging from cleans, gum treatments and whitening to referrals and advice.

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