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Brad Wilson
Dental surgery

I really enjoyed my dental visit with Charlotte today, she explained every part of the appointment to me and it did not hurt like I expected

Trixie Payton
Dental surgery

Charlotte is very gentle, I have seen her when she was a student and I am very happy with the service

Kristin Yang
Dental surgery

I liked the hygienist today she really took her time and helped me understand my gum disease

Josh Scott
Dental surgery

Very good clean. I recommend Charlotte

Michelle Orton
Dental surgery

Charlotte has really gentle hands. I always get nervous when coming to the dentist but she has a very holistic approach. She plays soothing music and she made sure I was always comfortable. I loved my visit today

Jessica Bright
Dental surgery

Wow my teeth have never felt this clean. I can’t wait till I get my braces taken off and I can come back

Founded in 2018 by Charlotte Benson, TFC Dental services offers a wide range of dental hygiene services ranging from cleans, gum treatments and whitening to referrals and advice.

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