TFC Product Recommendations

These are some of the products I recommend regularly in practice to my patient to help them with their home care regime.

These are not adverts or brand affiliated products, just oral health products I use myself or products that have received positive reviews and feedback from my patients over the years.

Some items will not be suitable for all patients. Always read the ingredients and check for allergens. As always please follow any individual advice given by your dentist or hygienist


The Interdental Brush – excellent for interdental cleaning – they get in-between the spaces and really brush away plaque and bacteria camping out in-between the teeth where the toothbrush doesn’t reach. if you have small or big gaps in-between your teeth then interdental brushes will work better than floss and brushing away the plaque. they come in a variety of sizes so that you can find a size that fits your gaps, some people will need to use 2-3 sizes for an efficient clean. they should go into the gap with slight resistance but you should have to force them in.

Long handled interdental brushes Рperfect for difficult to  access areas. the long handled make is easier to reach all angles in the mouth.

Floss Picks – I call these ‘floss on a stick’ , perfect for people who can not use interdental brushes but find floss hard to handle. floss can be a bit tricky so these can be easier to navigate in the mouth.

Oral B Superfloss – Perfect for getting under bridges and in-between teeth. it has a softer section of floss that feel more comfortable brushing against the gums and catching any hidden plaque under bridges, there is a slightly stiffer section on one end which makes it a lot easier to get under the bridge to clean. a must for anyone who has a dental bridge.

Sensodyne – A go to for people with sensitive teeth. It helps to reduce the symptoms of sensitive teeth

I very rarely recommend mouthwash. Plaque is the biggest cause of decay and gum disease and mouthwash doesn’t remove plaque. but this month (if used at a separate time from brushing) is really nice. minty but not too strong it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. It is alcohol-free, antiseptic and also has a small amount of fluoride which is always a plus. I buy mine online as it’s not available in any local supermarkets.

Disclosing tablets – a fun and efficient way to test your brushing, disclosing tablets highlight plaque, they show you new and old plaque and help you spot areas you may not be brushing as well. they are great fir testing children’s brushing habits and a good way to motivate ALL patients to remove ALL plaque during brushing, the bright blue and pink make it clear where plaque is being left behind, try them and test for yourself. I am sure you will be surprised at how much plaque can be left behind after brushing

Colgate Total, an original brand and toothpaste. Great flavour and scientifically proven to help oral health. It’s an all-rounder for me and the toothpaste I use daily.

My favourite floss. I use this on most of my patients and on myself. it is smooth, easy to use and has a nice minty taste that feels great in between the teeth.

A game-changer for anyone with partially erupted wisdom teeth, braces, bridges and crowns. It gets into grooves and smaller creases around teeth. It is an essential product for anyone with bridges crowns, implants and braces to help remove plaque in awkward spaces.

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